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Research says your chance of making a hiring mistake based on interviews alone is about the same as flipping a coin. The cost of documented per-hire mistakes begins at $10,000. Since 1954, MRA has helped organizations beat the odds by using a comprehensive assessment system. Read about one client's success story...

MRA profiles help you select, develop, and retain engaged and productive teams for long-term success. Using MRA's Online Profiler, you save time and money at every stage. Candidates complete the profiling instruments from home or any location with internet access.
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Our six-decade track record tells you this is an established set of assessments that have passed all formal tests of accuracy and consistency over and over.

Detailed Reports
Sound business decision support with no psycho-babble. There are special reports for sales jobs and strong support for ongoing management and training.

Check The MRA Notebook
Enlightening articles about the science, history and money-saving applications of personality profiles in organizations across the country and the world.

Leadership Seminars
MRA profiles have value not just at hiring time, but in training, managing, communications and team building. Leadership Seminars show your managers how to turn profiles into bottom line profit.

Employee retention improves when your reward and incentive system is maximized. The idea of using a stick and a carrot as motivators is an ancient one, but what if you want to motivate termites? Then you've got it all backwards! The hungry little bugs will swarm toward the stick for a wooden munch. Sure, it's a silly example, but the problem is a serious one. What motivates people? Do you know what constitutes a genuinely desired reward for another person? Let's look at two of the four behavioral traits which MRA Profiling measures and see what "valued recognition" might look like to different people.   More ...

Better Employee Retention

MRA Provides Cost Effective Tools
to improve hiring, retention and motivation. MRA testing goes beyond basic personality indicators and encompasses leadership skills, comprehension speed, factual judgment and empathetic judgment.   More ...

Annual Turnover
in all US industries averages 15%, according to a study by the Princeton consulting firm Sibson & Co. But in some jobs, it is much higher: 50% for bank tellers, 100% in retail, and 120% in fast food.   More ...

Case Studies
show that interviews, resumes and going with a "gut" instinct do not translate to successful long-term employees. MRA profiles match employees with the right position. Finding a "good fit" is essential for cutting turnover costs and increasing retention.   More ...

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